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Danish Magazines

Danish Fashion Inkwardrobe

Every time I walk into a store with magazines I’m immediately drawn to the danish fashion magazines, obsessing over the attractive covers and moaning over my problems to understand danish.

Am I as a swede raised with the tale about Copenhagen as a fashion capital? Can it be the low saturation?  Or it might be that the women on covers look so grown up? Anyway it continues on every month. I run to the danish section! But after quickly opening them I don’t buy anything – I guess I just like the look of them.

Fashion Radio

Isabella Kilenstam Inkwardrobe

In the swedish radio channel P1 style has got its own serious radio program dedicated to the topic, something I’m very thankful of. The program is named Stil (swedish for “style”) and lead by the reporter Susanne Ljung.

As everything else this program has its ups and downs, but at its best I think it’s very good! Stil takes on a variation of different topics related to style such as fashion designers, the fashion industry, beauty and current trends.

Stil about sleeves and Michelle Obamas well defined arms.

Stil about Brigitte Bardot.

Stil about grey hair.