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Fashion – a Declaration of Love


When I was 10 years old I made my first shoes. I was pretty proud and my mothers proudness wasn’t even diminished by the fact that I had made it out of toilet paper, toilet rolls and green water color (well it was actually, believe it or not, possible to walk in them). Some years later I found a bunch of the previous seasons fashion magazines in the neighbourhood garbage. The magazines were all glossy and glamorous and that they were written in languages I didn’t understand wasn’t important… I was hooked!

From that on fashion, clothes and style became a never ending passion, I drew my own “fashion illustrations”, I demolished my mothers clothes in moments of sudden creativity and I wrote the most awkward school projekts about fashion history.

Some call style and fashion shallow, empty or unimportant. I call it the joy of life. Style is the opportunity to be exactly who you want to, let it be a parisienne, a 50′s girl, a sexy kitten or a power woman. It directs how you get perceived by others and it changes how you perceive yourself. It’s a creative process and it’s an exciting adventure.

For me I know this will be lifelong love.