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After finding clothes that you love, that fit your body, your life and your sense of style, you want to keep them in a good condition! One of the big wardrobe enemies is the larvae of the clothing moth with its habit of eating of your favourite outfits. WardrobepicTo begin with, everyone should watch out for moths when bringing home clothes they’ve got from others wardrobes. It helps to wash the clothes, but to kill the moths you have to wash in hot water, and as we all know all of our clothes isn’t made for that. But luckily you can also put your clothes in the freezer (put them in plastic bags first to prevent eventual smell). As us, moths have preferences according their food, and they especially like that dirty old clothes resting in the bottom of your drawer. Therefore, to prevent damages to your clothes you can do some adjustments to your wardrobe-routines:


  • Only store clean clothes. So before you store something for more than some days, wash it! This makes the clothes less tasty for moths, and more appealing for you.
  • Indulge in cedar wood. Moths do not like the oil naturally occurring in red cedar wood, so fill up your closet. You can find really nice hangers in cedar wood, and as a bonus the wood has the most wonderful scent! I love cedar wood.
  • Get some lavender. Sew cute bags and fill them up, put them where you store your underwear. It’s classic, romantic and keeps pests away.
  • Hang your clothes. Moths do not like light plus this    keeps your clothes fresh and in order.