Big Apple Red

Isabella Kilenstam Inkwardrobe Pedicure Red Jimmy Choo

Not too pink or too blue, this cheerful tomato red is perfect for any skin tone. -Tatiana Sery

Shoes from Jimmy Choo for H&M

Nailpolish in the color Big Apple Red from OPI

Red stars nail art from npw

Fashion Radio

Isabella Kilenstam Inkwardrobe

In the swedish radio channel P1 style has got its own serious radio program dedicated to the topic, something I’m very thankful of. The program is named Stil (swedish for “style”) and lead by the reporter Susanne Ljung.

As everything else this program has its ups and downs, but at its best I think it’s very good! Stil takes on a variation of different topics related to style such as fashion designers, the fashion industry, beauty and current trends.

Stil about sleeves and Michelle Obamas well defined arms.

Stil about Brigitte Bardot.

Stil about grey hair.

The white shirt

Isabella Kilenstam Illustration

It’s suitable at work. It’s suitable at your free time. You can wear it when you’re young. You can wear it when you’re old. it You can buy it cheap. You can buy it expensive.

It’s a classic.

Isabella Kilenstam Illustration

Warmer winds

Isabella Kilenstam Zara

Slowly it’s getting warmer, even up here in the north. What a relief. So happy that the temperature allows me to wear my blazer from Zara, I’m in love with the defined shoulders!

Sunglasses from Polaroid

Blazer from Zara

Bag from Guess

Shirt from Kappahl

Photo by Rebecca Segrelia.

Colors of Benetton

Isabella Colors Of Beneton

I love springtime. Finally what matters in the morning is how I want to look, not what will keep me warm! Soon it will be the time of the year when a jacket or a coat is something optional to highlight an outfit and doesn’t have to be large or voluminous. In spring and summer style is finally ALL about joy!

Coat from United Colors of Benetton

Watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Earrings from Snö of Sweden

Nails by Lejla Beglerovic

Kilenstam Inkwardrobe

Some days ago I had my nails done by Lejla Beglerovic, a hairdresser, model and mom to be. Lately she has also, on request of her friends, started blogging (and thats how I got these nice nails, I won them via her blog). Her blog is filled with nice photos including some from her work for the swedish bikinibrand Panos Emporio and lots of other inspiration, so check it out at Fiftyshadesofme!

The earrings (some of my favourites) are from Snö of Sweden.

Wardrobe healthcare

After finding clothes that you love, that fit your body, your life and your sense of style, you want to keep them in a good condition! One of the big wardrobe enemies is the larvae of the clothing moth with its habit of eating of your favourite outfits. WardrobepicTo begin with, everyone should watch out for moths when bringing home clothes they’ve got from others wardrobes. It helps to wash the clothes, but to kill the moths you have to wash in hot water, and as we all know all of our clothes isn’t made for that. But luckily you can also put your clothes in the freezer (put them in plastic bags first to prevent eventual smell). As us, moths have preferences according their food, and they especially like that dirty old clothes resting in the bottom of your drawer. Therefore, to prevent damages to your clothes you can do some adjustments to your wardrobe-routines:


  • Only store clean clothes. So before you store something for more than some days, wash it! This makes the clothes less tasty for moths, and more appealing for you.
  • Indulge in cedar wood. Moths do not like the oil naturally occurring in red cedar wood, so fill up your closet. You can find really nice hangers in cedar wood, and as a bonus the wood has the most wonderful scent! I love cedar wood.
  • Get some lavender. Sew cute bags and fill them up, put them where you store your underwear. It’s classic, romantic and keeps pests away.
  • Hang your clothes. Moths do not like light plus this    keeps your clothes fresh and in order.

Veruschka and the Safari Style


This spring the safari style is told to be one of the trends of the season. According to Vogue Encyclo the identification marks of safari style is “monochrome style characterized by a sand tone, in all the different shades of the desert, extremely classic in volumes”. Safari style is a clear classic and I’m happy to see pieces from this style in the stores because it has always been a favorite for me (I guess because my eternal weakness for sand tones that I early got the idea would go along well with my hair tone).

To me the iconic look of Veruschka shot by Franco Rubartellis for Yves Saint Laurent in the 60’s (illustrated by me above) is the ultimate symbol for safari style, it’s a continual personal inspiration. Maybe not so much the actual clothes, but the feel of the photo!

Veruschka herself invented her own persona as a young aspiring model in her twenties. To break through in the fashion industry she changed her name from Vera to the more exotic sounding Veruschka, dessed all in black and went to see all the top photographers of the time. She told them “let’s see what you can do with my face”.

The Safari Look

Some inspiration: Fendi loose blouse, Saint Laurent safari jacket, Lisa August safari oval link bracelet, Gold Water hammered cuff, Nuxe huile prodigieuse or, Seychelles zebra shoes and OPI take ten nail polish kit.

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